mysupply - Beyond eAuctions

Automatic sourcing and negotiation.
This will help you achieve higher savings with less effort.

Easy to use

Mysupply is easy to use, so that your purchasing and also the demand carriers can start their own tenders quickly and easily.

Negotiate automatically

With mysupply, you automatically transfer every tender into a digital negotiation and thus always secure the best price.

Start quickly & uncomplicated

We are a cloud-based source-to-contract platform. There is no need to implement your existing IT landscape. After registering, you can create tenders directly.

Speeding up calls for tenders

Mysupply digitally maps the source-to-contract process, so that you can create and start alerts in minutes with just a few mouse clicks and in minutes.

Goods-specific workflows

We adapt workflows to your needs and purchasing reality to accelerate your internal processes even more.

Algorithmic game theory

Through our game-theoretical algorithm, we determine the optimal negotiation method for each negotiation situation. In this way, you too can use sophisticated negotiation procedures in an uncomplicated and secure manner.

How does mysupply work?


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eAuctions save money!

eAuctions save an average of 18 percent. These consist of price and process cost savings. With mysupply, you can easily realize the savings via eAuctions and other intelligent negotiation methods.

mysupply - the advantages

In existing procurement processes, there are various problems and challenges that we face with mysupply. Here are our solutions:


  • Existing solutions are complex and need to be explained
  • Standard solutions do not fit the material and service-specific customer requirements
  • Classic tenders do not use the full potential of price negotiations
  • High direct and indirect costs of tool use
  • Current game-theoretical competence increasingly necessary for successful negotiations
  • Time-consuming communication during the manual purchasing process


  • mysupply is intuitive to use and can be used quickly
  • For optimal processes, we develop specific workflows together with our customers
  • eAuctions take advantage of competition between multiple vendors to achieve better results
  • Transparent and affordable pricing model at mysupply
  • mysupply simplifies the selection of the negotiation mechanism with recommendations based on algorithmic game theory
  • Time savings through automated process support for communication with department and suppliers

mysupply - Our conviction

In order to continue to compete in global terms, we want to strengthen the competitiveness of our customers in Europe. With mysupply, we are creating the much-needed new scope for innovation through the digitization of procurement.

mysupply - Our way of working

We develop our product on the basis of concrete feedback and ideas from our customers from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. In this way, we minimize the effort and risk for all parties involved. As a startup, we follow a very agile working method to quickly achieve visible results.

mysupply Corona offer

Together with “Wer liefert was” and DHL Resilience 360, we offer you an integrated solution to strengthen your supply chains.

  • Find new suppliers.
  • Evaluate risks.
  • Reduce costs.

3 solutions combined in one system - free until May 31, 2020!