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Automated sourcing and negotiating.

automated negotiation support

easy to use

algorithmic game theory

product specific workflows

Digital negotiation

Our tool helps you to choose the perfect negotation mechanism by applying algorithmic game theory and automatically conducts the negotiation on your behalf.

mysupply is a cloud-based source-to-contract platform. With us you can not only use eAuctions and digital agents automatically - our game theoretical algorithm also suggests the optimal negotiation method. Thus mysupply enables you to use sophisticated negotiation methods in an uncomplicated way.

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How does mysupply work?

eAuctions save cash!

Save an average of about 18 % on your price and process costs using eAuctions:

mysupply - the benefits

Existing tender processes come along with several problems and challenges which mysupply deals with. Here are our solutions:

Challenges Solutions
Existing market solutions are usually complex and in need of explanation mysupply is intuitive, easy to use and very quickly deployable.
Standard solutions often don’t fit to material or service specific customer requirements Development of specific workflows with the customers
Classic tenders do not fully use the potential of price negotiations eAuctions use competition between different suppliers to improve the results
High direct and indirect costs for the use of tools Price attractive pay-per-use model for mysupply
Complex communication processes during manual purchasing procedures Time savings through automated and tool-based processes for communication with department and suppliers
Game theoretic competences are increasingly needed for successful negotiations mysupply simplifies the selection of the negotiation mechanism using advise based on algorithmic game theory

mysupply - our core beliefs

We believe in open markets with low market restrictions and global competition. That’s why we want to give suppliers more market opportunities and allow customers to benefit from increased competition.

mysupply - our way of working

Based on concrete feedback and ideas of our customers, we develop for all, small, medium-sized and large companies. Thus, we minimize the effort and the risk for all involved. As a startup we follow a very agile working method to achieve fast visible results.

Your direct involvement in development of eAuction workflows

We develop our RFP and eAuction solutions together with our customers. We created a process for an efficient cooperation. With only small time requirements on your side are we able to implement your wanted purchasing process as a workflow in mysupply.

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You can reach our business development team via:
+49 (0) 40 / 228 53 230 - 2


There are different emphasis in different areas of work. For example, purchasing commodities differs from purchasing special materials. This must be actively considered in an eAuction process. Both the tender specifications, the auction or the evaluations are tailored to the needs of the respective material and service purchasing.

Our prices are based on transactions (pay-per-use) and therefore this derives for you, that you can start without the need to buy a licence. Our prices can be found here.

By using eAuctions, companies can often reduce their purchasing costs by 20 to 40 %.
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