Our path to develop workflows

Your individual expectation of a successful negotiation process can easily be translated into a workflow. For a first draft we need little of your time.

The procurement processes depending on product category and service can be vary greatly. Hereby they differentiate in specifications for the request, the evaluation of the offer and the negotiation process.

Workflows designed by mysupply

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Collection of the specifications

Discussion of the questionnaire and definition of the future process using mysupply

Estimated input time of customer: 1 day*

Finalization of the specifications

Discussion and conjoint finalisation of the specifications and the pilot project

Estimated input time of customer: 0,5 days*

Creating the solution

Workflow development by our development team

Estimated input time of customer: 0 days*


Checking the product fit to the agreed specifications

Estimated input time of customer: 0,5 days*

Pilot project

Implementation of first pilots with support from mysupply


Solution roll-out for all users

*Actual time required depends on individual framework conditions