How we develop workflows

Your individual expectation of a successful negotiation process can be easily implemented in a workflow. For a first draft, we need little of your precious time.

Purchasing processes may vary widely depending on the product group and services. They differ in terms of the specification of the request, the evaluation of the offer and the negotiation process.

Workflows designed by mysupply

Recording the specification

Consultation of questionnaire and definition target process with mysupply

Estimated time required Customer: 1 day*

Finalization of the specification

Discussion and joint finalisation of the specification and pilot project 

Estimated time required Customer: 0.5 day*

Creation of the solution

Development of the workflow by our development team

Estimated time required Customer: 0.0 day*


Checking the product for fit to the agreed specification 

Estimated time required Customer: 0.5 day*

Pilot project

Execution of first pilots with the support of mysupply


Rolling out the solution for all users

* Actual time required depending on individual conditions